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This Saturday, April 21st from 10:00am to 12:00pm is our annual field clean up. Help is needed from all divisions for all field locations.  Please help contribute to prepare our fields for the season, many hands make light work. Coaches, parents & players need to help. The following must be accomplished:

Pick up trash

Edge & spray fence line

Mow & rake grass

Sweep dugouts

Clean sheds

Sweep sidewalks

Scrape moss off of dugouts

Pull weeds & remove rocks from infields

No vehicles are to be on the fields, including lawn tractors. Be sure to have work gloves & water. Bring some hardware to help: Lawn Rakes, Push-Brooms, Scrapers, Shovels, Weed Whackers, Shop Vacuums and Leaf Blowers.

The following divisions report to the listed fields:

Sherrod: T-Ball, Minors 1, Minors 2, Baseball Majors, Softball Juniors

Soule: Softball Minors, Softball Majors

Seniors Field: Baseball Seniors

Registration Open for Minors One (6-7 yr olds)

All other divisions are waitlisted, this includes: T-Ball, Baseball Minors 2, Baseball Majors, Baseball Seniors, Softball Minors, Softball Majors and Softball Juniors. Players who register for those divisions will be waitlisted and there is no guarantee they will be placed on a team. If a team has an opening on their roster, newly registered players will be placed on that team and parents informed accordingly.

Thank you to all of the players and parents who came to tryouts!

Click on the blue banner just below this text to register for the 2018 season.


Attention: Coaches, Umpires, Concessions Workers, Board Members and all Volunteers!

For the 2018 season we have a new process for completing the background checks for volunteer applications. It is faster and more secure than the paper applications we have used for years past.

The first step is you email sending your name and return email address informing that you are a volunteer. Second, you will then be contacted via email by the background check agency. They will email you a link to complete the form online. Fill in all of the requested information. Finally, the league is notified of the results of the background check. This new system saves time and keeps your personally identifiable information confidential. Nobody in the league sees your social security number or other sensitive information. Have a great 2018 season!


Palmer Little League is devoted to developing MatSu Valley youth baseball and softball players in the state of Alaska.   The League encompasses all valley communities, including but not limited to Palmer, Wasilla, Houston, Butte and Sutton.  Opening Day is scheduled for May 5th at noon (arrive at Sherrod Complex by 11:30).   Please take a moment and look around the website, feel free to email us questions at


Parents, be aware that Little League will be adopting a new standard for bats beginning January 1, 2018. Little League-approved bats for use in the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting January 1, 2018.  Click the following link for more information about the new USA Baseball Bat Standard. You can also visit our FAQ page for more information on 2017 bats. *Seniors baseball and all of softball will be unaffected for 2018. These divisions can use 2017 bats in 2018.

Field Locations

Palmer Little League has two sites where games are played: Sherrod Sports Complex & Downtown.

CONTACT US P.O. BOX 3878 Palmer, AK 99645

CONTACT US P.O. BOX 3878 Palmer, AK 99645

Alaska District 1 Little League

One of three districts in the state that encompasses Palmer, Anchorage and Peninsula Little Leagues.

Opening Day in.........